The RMA Partners

The RMA is jointly developed by Jacobson Consulting Applications (JCA) and Baker Richards.

Baker Richards is a leading international provider of consulting services and software for the cultural sector. Since 2003 our mission has been to help organizations achieve their commercial potential. Our areas of expertise include admissions pricing, segmentation, memberships, subscriptions and donations, sales forecasting and primary research. We bring together analysis and research techniques developed over nearly fifteen years (now available to end users in our software, including the RMA), with practical advice on strategy to offer solutions tailor-made to each client’s needs.

Jacobson Consulting Applications (JCA) has helped hundreds of nonprofits in North America and around the world leverage their CRM technology, processes, and data for almost three decades. JCA Arts Marketing, a fully-owned division of Jacobson Consulting Applications (JCA) formerly doing business as The Pricing Institute, collaborates with cultural organizations to increase revenue, boost attendance and membership, and grow patron loyalty and helps organizations leverage their Tessitura data with the RMA to increase earned income.