Case studies

Adrienne Arsht Center, Miami

Two Broadway touring productions exceeded sales goals by more than $150,000 each

  • Used the RMA throughout the Broadway season to monitor and evaluate sales and make dynamic pricing changes.
  • Substantially beat season revenue targets.

Center Theatre Group, Los Angeles

Made over $500,000 in incremental income on a production that sold 67% of capacity

  • Used the RMA to determine that sales for the best seats were selling early and raised prices accordingly (some by as much as  $30 per ticket) –proving that you don’t have to sell out to raise prices.
  • Made close to 10:1 return on RMA license fees from ONE production in their smallest venue (300 seats).

Cincinnati Symphony

Raised prices based on early subscriber and single ticket demand and exceeded targets by 150%

  • Used the RMA to analyze zone level demand by concert.  They raised prices early on strong-selling sections vs. waiting for overall capacity percentages to trigger a change.
  • This strategy brought in $150,000 in incremental revenue  and provided more than a 10:1 return on their RMA investment.

Houston Ballet 

Saw a better than 25:1 return on their RMA investment

  • Used the RMA to decide when and how to implement dynamic on recent run of Nutcracker.
  • Achieved highest Nutcracker revenue in 40 years.

Santa Fe Opera

Implemented a variable pricing strategy, which brought in $170,000 in incremental revenue

  • Used the RMA to divide performances into three tiers based on expected sales, and varied prices by tier.  This strategy evened out sales across the season and allowed the Opera to meet capacity goals.
  • They implemented dynamic pricing for all tiers and sold more than 34,000 tickets at increased prices.

Seattle Repertory Theatre

Eliminated “panic discounting” and increased revenues by $50,000

  • Used the RMA to understand that 1/3 to 1/2 of all tickets were sold in the last two weeks before a performance.  They stopped discounting four weeks out –  when people weren’t buying – and implemented dynamic pricing when demand peaked.
  • Increases in revenue per performance and higher yield per seat brought in an additional $50,000.

“We had a very good first experience with the RMA. Our best Nutcracker sales in terms of dollar volume in 40 years.”
– Andrew Edmonson, Director of Marketing & Public Relations, Houston Ballet