About the Revenue Management Application

The RMA offers a comprehensive suite of reports that give vital insights for strategy, forecasting and monitoring/evaluation, as well as dynamic pricing.  The software is integrated with the data in your Tessitura system so the data is in your hands, enabling you to make informed decisions about pricing and inventory management.

The RMA is an easy to use ‘wizard’-driven desktop analysis tool with reports which update daily. Each report is accompanied by a detailed description of its function and uses, and tips on the interpretation of results.  With the RMA, you can analyze previous events to improve your future planning; monitor demand for performances that are currently on sale; implement dynamic pricing; and evaluate the effectiveness of your pricing strategy.

Each report can be filtered to show selected performances, productions or seasons. Functionality includes basic reporting of sales through to long term trend analysis, as well as a number of proprietary metrics to aid the interpretation of price demand. The RMA includes a dashboard for monitoring all key sales indicators in one view. Other reports enable you to draw comparisons between different performances and productions, forecast expected sales figures, and determine when you are under-selling or ahead of trend.

Implementing the RMA is easy.  Installation is done for you and takes less than an hour.  The RMA license is for an unlimited number of users and includes access to comprehensive online help, a mix of on-site and remote training, unlimited technical and interpretation support, and free upgrades (read more).

If you are interested in purchasing the RMA or would just like to find out more about it, please get in touch.

“The Monitoring Dashboard is like one-stop shopping. We can make better decisions easier and faster.” 
– Kyle Sircus, Marketing Manager, Berkeley Repertory Theatre